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Tom Meuzelaar, PhD
Jan 14

Tom Meuzelaar, PhD

Tom Meuzelaar is founder and owner of Life Cycle Geo. He specializes in geology, geochemistry and data science and has more than twenty years of industry experience. Tom is value-oriented and client-focused, has effectively executed large, complex projects and is a demonstrated leader of technical teams, with emphasis on empowering and mentoring. He is a highly diversified geoscientist who has consistently delivered at the highest technical level. Dr. Meuzelaar has supported mining and oil and gas clients in solving challenging water/rock related problems through all project life cycle stages. One of his core passions is data science- identifying meaningful trends in large datasets and using creative visualization techniques to effectively communicate the essential story.

Tom is currently engaged in project work leveraging drill core assay and hyperspectral core imagery and using unsupervised and supervised machine learning tools, towards mine process optimization. He has evaluated complex geochemical models to assess a variety of equilibrium and kinetic gas/water/rock processes at variable temperature, pressure, salinity, redox and transport conditions. He has extensive experience as petrographer, mineralogist and geologist, and has taught or co-taught over 35 geochemical modeling short courses, including courses at Goldschmidt conferences, federal research organizations, multinational energy corporations, environmental and mining consultancies and major universities.

Tom enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and three kids, preferably in the Colorado outdoors.